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Play chess, strategy games, maths and logic on this easy to use online board. Together, in real time. Try it for free. No registration required.
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How it works

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1. Create a new board

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Example exercises

intro book
Take a look at what you can do with LogiqBoard. Check out these chess and logic exercises and find inspiration to create similar exercises yourself.

More than a chessboard, ideal for education

group sharing

Designed for interactive play and group work

Share your board with others, teach, play strategy games and solve puzzles together.
demonstration board

Real time chessboard editor

Drag and drop pieces to create interesting positions and puzzles, with an easy to use visual interface. You can also use it in the classroom as a demonstration board.
lightbulb creative

Get creative

Populate your board with colourful pieces, counters, math symbols and many more elements to create new games and exercises.
save image

Create images from your boards

Whether you need it for presentation, to print, or simply to share, you can make high quality images of your board with a single click.
stored in the cloud

Store your boards in the cloud

Every board's URL is unique. Pick up your board where you left it any time.
device support

Device support

LogiqBoard works seamlessly across many devices. Laptops, tablets and phones can join and collaborate on the same chessboard. All you need is a web browser.

Our team

Rita Atkins

Rita Atkins

A former competitive chess player and Woman International Master, Rita is the main driving force behind LogiqBoard. With her extensive experience as a chess educator, Rita is responsible for shaping the creative and educational direction of LogiqBoard and fostering connections with our users.
Notably, Rita also serves as the Secretary of the FIDE Education Commission.
Hari Neocleous

Hari Neocleous

Hari is a primary maths and chess teacher from London. With over 20 years of teaching experience in primary schools, she brings her expertise and unique experience to LogiqBoard. Explore her blog for valuable insights into how she utilizes LogiqBoard for teaching chess, and for creative math and problem-solving activities.
Marton Pallagi

Marton Pallagi

A developer from Budapest, Marton has been creating games for the web professionally for over a decade. An avid chess player and math tutor, Marton is responsible for the technical side: making sure LogiqBoard is reliable and runs smoothly 24/7.